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Cost of CCTV - It's an Investment

I see this time and time again and it’s something I want to write about! How do people justify the cost of CCTV? In short, they don’t. There are many many businesses out there that have very old outdated CCTV systems which just aren’t up to the job anymore. This is justified by “well we have a system in place” or “we don’t want to spend money on it, it works”. But then in time an incident happens, say it’s a high-value theft or an accident. I read about such things regularly and there is a common theme when CCTV is reviewed.

Common Themes

  • CCTV was not clear enough
  • CCTV didn’t record
  • Cameras not working
  • CCTV camera blocked by objects
  • The camera moved or tampered with

Most of these things are not apparent to the business until they need the system and it’s too late.

How often do you check your system or review it? How important do you think your CCTV is? Day to day it probably isn’t very important to you, but it should be. It is your insurance against accident and theft.


Did you know that around 2-5% of turnover is lost through shrinkage? So if you are turning over £5000 a week, up to £250 is walking out your door a week! Can you justify that?

Cost Justification

Let’s be honest here, people see CCTV as just another unnecessary cost! They cannot justify either installing in the 1st place or upgrading to a system that will work.

Let me ask you a question. How much do you spend a month on your car? How did you justify spending that much? The reality is in most cases you will never own that car and in 3 years or so you will be sat in a new one yet you spend month in month out. A CCTV system these days are very advanced and you will have it in a place far longer than you will your car, for a fraction of the cost. But it is better than that!

Remember if you are turning over £5000 a week, you are losing £250. Let’s say you installed a state of the art up to date CCTV system for around £22 a week. You would be £183 a week better off and if you take out a lease on the system you will save money in tax relief! Does that have to make it viable surely?

CCTV is an incredibly valuable tool that should be included in the day to day operation of your business. Ensuring you against theft and H&S issues. With up to 4K quality now available you really can say the camera never lies!

Talk to us today about what we can do to secure your business for the better!

Posted on September 28th 2018

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