Access Control & Door Entry Systems

Installing door access control systems will ensure your buildings are secure and that only the right people can get in.

Secured access control door entry systems are a great way of adding security to your work place or home. The safety of your employees should be paramount. We offer various door entry systems tailored for your specific needs- from simple keypad entry to fingerprint scanners.

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access control and door entry system with key card access

Benefits of Access Control & Door Entry

There are a number of benefits to having access control units and door entry systems installed at your home or work place.  Security is the most valuable benefit, therefore keeping unwanted visitors out. The systems can be used to help protect the main entrance or for internal rooms where you wish to restrict access. These door entry systems can be operated using fobs, number codes or fingerprints. Another advantage to door access control is monitoring staff.

We can supply and install access control units and door entry systems to meet your specifications.

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Examples of our Access Control & Door Entry

We install various access control and door entry systems. Below are examples of the type we install. To discuss your individual requirements, call us on 01803 528915.

access control proximity reader

Proximity Readers

Proximity fobs are issued to allow free entry and exit to the controlled area. Details are entered onto a database within the controller which authorises the fob to open the barrier/door when the fob is offered to the reader. Details are uploaded from a computer to the controller via the phone lines using a modem at each end. 

access control keypad entry system

Keypad Entry

Keypad entry provides a simple but effective way of controlling who accesses your premises. These are installed with an electronic lock, which releases when the correct code is entered. You can control who you give the code to, and change the code as you wish. These can also be installed with video and audio control.

access control fingerprint reader

Fingerprint Readers

Tailored for both Access Control and Time & Attendance applications, we can install fingerprint readers to allow access to your premises, or certain rooms. These work in a similar way to keypad entry, however require a database which will store information to allow only certain people access.

Paxton Net 2 Entry access entry system


These are a standalone door entry system which link to a database, allowing access to authorised personnel. Door entry systems can be audio/visual with handset, keypad or token entry. They allow the option of restricting access at certain times.

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