Service & Maintenance

We are able to offer servicing and maintenance contracts for all our installations, and in some cases existing systems installed by alternative companies. 

Regular maintenance of your systems ensures they are clean, functioning correctly and most importantly safely. We can check for signs of general wear and tear and deterioration and ensure the longevity your equipment.

Common maintenance & service procedures

CCTV Maintenance

  • Test & readjust focus & video levels for cameras
  • Test external housings & de-misters
  • Report potential obscurations to camera images i.e. growing tree branches
  • Clean all lenses and housings 
  • Checking of all mechanical fixings, brackets, towers and PTZ functions
  • Test photocells & infrared lamps for correct operation
  • Check & tighten all connections
  • Check & adjust DVR time & date display if necessary
  • Check equipment settings
  • Test review of recordings
  • Check video data connections between control equipment. Re-terminate & crimp as required 
  • Clean & check power supplies & connections

Gates & Barriers Maintenance

  • Inspect all systems for signs of wear / deterioration
  • Check mechanical clearances & tolerances
  • Clean & lubricate hinge bearings, locks, drive systems & control gears
  • Check physical stops and limit switches at each end of travel of gates/barrier arms, report any signs of damage or over run
  • Inspect & sweep out any debris from motor pits and rail gullies, report any flooding or excessive build-up of debris to client
  • Run motor(s) and check operation of each item of installed equipment for evident visible or audible contra-indications
  • Carry out electrical conductivity and leakage tests in underground loops, megameter impedance better that 1.0 MgOhm dry or 0.5 MgOhm damp
  • Inspect and test fixtures and fittings and electrical equipment for visible deterioration, replace or repair cables, if necessary
  • Inspect and test inputs (keypads, fob readers etc.
  • Test every item of equipment for satisfactory operation and sign off
  • Pressure tests where applicable

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