Both HD and 4K CCTV cameras will provide crystal clear images, ensuring you capture the information you need. RJS Systems have the ultimate range of HD and 4K CCTV systems to help protect your home or business, available with a range of specifications to suit your individual needs.

RJS Systems are proud to be HIKVision Accredited Engineers.

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HD and 4K CCTV systems providing crystal clear images even on close up.


Installed CCTV systems are a major deterrent to would be thieves.


All installed CCTV units are backed with manufacturers warranty.

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We offer a range of HD & 4K CCTV solutions, professionally installed.

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4K images versus full HD images

Benefits of HD or 4K CCTV

A typical analogue system has a maximum of 400,000 pixels, HD has over 1,000,000 (up to 4,000,000) and 4K has over 8,000,000 pixels. By having either a 4K or HD set up, any incidents will be recorded clearly, for complete peace of mind for your home or business.

We can supply and install CCTV systems to meet your specifications.

Remote Monitoring

Remote CCTV access from a smartphone
CCTV keeping a business secure

Being able to access cameras remotely via smart devices is invaluable. All of our systems are view-able remotely and a demonstration of this will be provided upon the installation completion.

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Types of CCTV Systems

There are many different types of CCTV cameras on the market; meaning there is a  solution for every industry. The huge variety can make it difficult to choose which camera is right for your needs.

If you are wondering which CCTV cameras to buy for your home or business premises we’ve summarised the benefits of some of the different types of systems below. Our experts can carry out a free site survey in order to ascertain which cameras will provide the level of security you require to safeguard your property.

HIKVision Dome Camera


  • Sit in a dome shaped casing
  • Relatively discreet
  • Make it difficult to see which direction they are pointing - ideal deterrent 
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Vandal resistant
  • Easy to fit
  • 360 degree rotation of camera allows for wide angle monitoring
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Good for ceiling placement
HIKVision Bullet Cameras


  • Traditional, iconic design
  • Highly visible - good deterrent
  • Capable of observing very long distances
  • Great for outdoor scenarios
  • Water, dust & dirt resistant
HIKVision C Mount Camera


  • Detachable lenses - can be switched around to monitor varying distances
  • Mean that you can adapt field of vision
  • Bulky - visible deterrent for criminals
  • Good for cold, harsh weather conditions - ideal for outdoor use
  • Very reliable
HIKVision PTZ Camera

PTZ CAMERAS (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

  • Gives complete control over what is recorded
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Great optical zoom
  • Often requires a joystick
  • Good for monitoring live video feed (i.e. if you have security guards)
  • 360 degree field of vision
  • Very high image resolution - good for distinguishing facial features/number plates
  • Good for remote viewing
  • Can do the job of several static cameras
HIKVision Day/Night Camera


  • Designed specifically to work well in daylight, low light environments & at night.
  • Clear video images not affected by light levels
  • Extra sensitive imaging chips
  • Colour & black & white
  • Can function despite glare, direct sunlight, reflections and poor lighting
  • Good for outdoor use
HIKVision Infrared Camera


  • Optimal performance at night
  • More expensive than day/night cameras
  • Infrared technology / LEDs
  • An infrared cut filter activates in the daytime for clear images in lighter conditions
  • Can capture images even in the presence of fog, dust or smoke
  • Colour during daytime & black & white at night
HIKVision Network Camera


  • Share live footage across internet 
  • Easily remotely accessed from anywhere in the world
  • The bandwidth of the video is compressed, in order to make the online feed reliable
  • Archive footage is stored on network video recorders (NVRs) or on secure software for later access.
  • Easy setup as co axial cables and a computer station are not required
  • Low maintenance
  • Accessible via smart device
  • Good if you are often away
HIKVision Wireless Camera


  • Minimal installation time
  • Tidy & unobtrusive appearance - no wires
  • Ease of installation
  • Images transmitted over the internet so can be viewed anywhere
  • Secure storage and easy access of archive footage
  • Discreet
  • Minimal maintenance
HIKVision HD Camera


  • Unrivalled picture quality
  • High clarity images
  • Resolution from 720p to 4K - dependent on budget
  • No distortion of images
  • Great for number plates / facial features
  • Great for criminal identification
  • Available on most CCTV models such as domes and bullets


What equipment do you use?

We are proud to be accredited Hikvision installers and use their equipment as standard for most installations. They provide the best technology, are reasonably priced and incredibly reliable.

How will I know what system I need?

We provide a free site survey to understand your requirements, determine the best locations, as well as lens sizes to make sure you capture the information you need.  Different lens sizes will have different fields of vision so it is important for a survey to be carried out properly. We can discuss multiple options to suit any budget.

Can I view the footage from my smartphone or tablet?

Dependent on your internet connection and router location, all of our systems are capable of this. We will always install so that remote viewing is enabled by default.

Do the cameras light up at night?

If your camera has infrared, yes. There will be a small row of infra red lights that cast light that’s invisible to the human eye. Without this, your camera wouldn’t be able to see in the dark.

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