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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a system capable of reading vehicle number plates.

ANPR barrier systems make light work of access control. A corresponding database can store information associated with a number plate, including the vehicle make, model and colour along with driver details. Vehicles can be categorised into known sub-categories such as staff, contractors and delivery drivers. Additionally,  any suspect vehicles can be tagged for future alerts when they arrive on-site.

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ANPR Cameras with Barriers

ANPR cameras play a vital role controlling car park barriers and automated gates. The vehicle will approach the closed barrier; If the vehicle has been added to the monitored management service, the barrier will open allowing access. When the number plate isn’t recognised, the barrier will remain closed. Some customers will include an intercom system to override the barrier allowing deliveries etc to pass through.

ANPR systems are regularly used in private and commercial car parks, and in residential properties that share one entrance. They can be also added to public paying car parks. We can help choose which set up is right for you.

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