Car park full of cars with pay on foot station

Car Park Pay on Foot Stations

Parking spaces in towns, cities and even villages are often scarce and expensive. In central London, a parking space has sold for £250k. This, therefore, leaves people who have private car parks or private parking spaces increasingly tasked with protecting their land.

Having to deal with drivers parking in private spaces is a major headache for people who own pubs, restaurants, shops and other commercial property. With parking spaces dwindling and charges increasing, many drivers risk parking on private property to avoid the penalties that are in place on the public highway. This can cause major problems for those tasked with car park management when spaces set aside for staff and customers are taken. The issue can even affect private residences in busy areas and city centres.

Do you have lost revenue through people parking and not paying? Are you losing custom through customers not being able to park in your car park due to other people using it as free space? What do you currently do to remove these issues? We understand the need for a parking system that works for the end-user as well as the car park owner.

The Answer?

Using a pay on exit system will ensure only those who need to use your car park will use it and will also pay for the space they use. The driver will approach an entry barrier, will press a button on the entry unit which will dispense a ticket or token. The barrier will lift and the driver can enter and park. When the driver has finished their activity, they will take their ticket or token to the pay on foot station. It will then tell them how much to pay. Their token or ticket will then be validated. The driver will then leave the car park using the exit unit, placing their ticket or token into the unit which will then lift the barrier for their exit.

This system will go a long way to stop the misuse of your car park and protect your revenue which can be lost through non-paying drivers and customers who cannot park. This system also removes the need for a car park management firm to enforce your car park rules reducing your ongoing costs.

Contact us for more information on how our car park systems can help you remove your car park headaches!

Posted on January 25th 2018

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