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The Benefits of CCTV Cloud Recording for Remote Monitoring

In recent years, the demand for CCTV cloud recording has significantly increased as businesses and individuals seek alternatives to traditional hard drive storage limitations. While some Network Video Recorders (NVRs) have begun offering cloud recording features, there is also a practical solution available: remote monitoring and recording using cloud software. Let’s delve into some of the advantages of adopting CCTV cloud recording.

Effortless remote monitoring and recording

By employing HD Digital or 4K CCTV cameras and cloud software, it is now possible to establish a system that records and stores footage directly in the cloud. This functionality is accessible through a user-friendly app on your smartphone or tablet, providing convenience and flexibility. The app enables you to log in and view live streaming from your cameras while granting you control over their operation. Meanwhile, you can configure the cameras to record footage based on motion detection, ensuring that only relevant events are captured. The app also allows you to download footage as needed and create customised clips, all within a few taps.

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Freedom from NVRs

One significant advantage of adopting CCTV cloud recording is the elimination of the need for a Network Video Recorder (NVR). Instead of storing video locally, the app securely sends the footage directly to the cloud. This not only saves the cost associated with purchasing an NVR but also streamlines the setup process. By removing the reliance on on-site storage, users can benefit from the flexibility and scalability offered by cloud-based security solutions.

Optimised for network conditions

The app's intelligent features optimise video transmission for real-world network conditions. It automatically adjusts frame rate, bit rate, and resolution to ensure that recorded events are reliably sent to the cloud, even in situations with poor network connectivity. This adaptive approach ensures that crucial footage is not lost due to network limitations, providing peace of mind to users.

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Security and privacy

Ensuring the security and privacy of recorded video is of paramount importance. With CCTV cloud recording using the Hikvision app, your cameras remain non-discoverable and have UPnP and NAT disabled. Additionally, video content is stored and encrypted using industry-standard protocols within Amazon Web Services, a trusted and highly secure cloud infrastructure. When viewing videos, they are transmitted over an encrypted TLS or HTTPS channel, further safeguarding against unauthorised access.

Seamless set-up

Setting up a CCTV cloud recording system has never been easier. Thanks to the innovative software provided by Hikvision, there is no need for complex port forwarding or router configuration. The software streamlines the installation process, automatically handling the necessary network configurations, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

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How can we help?

CCTV cloud recording has emerged as an ideal solution for overcoming the limitations of traditional storage methods. With the convenience of remote monitoring and recording offered by cloud software, users can access live streaming, control their cameras, and securely store footage in the cloud. By leveraging Hikvision cameras and the accompanying app, businesses and individuals can enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective, scalable, and highly secure surveillance solution. If you like to find out more about how CCTV cloud recording software can help your business, please do get in touch.

Posted on July 6th 2023

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