Equipment to setup cloud stored CCTV footage

CCTV Cloud Recording

CCTV cloud recording is something we have been asked about a lot in recent years due to hard drive storage limitations. Whilst some NVRS are now able to offer such features, we are also able to offer completely remote monitoring and recording solution using cloud software.

Using Hikvision cameras we can specify a system that will record footage using cloud software. This is all achieved using an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can log in to view live streaming and control the cameras remotely. Cameras can be set to motion record only, meaning footage is only recorded when the camera senses motion. You can download footage as needed and also create clips, all from the app.

Works Without an NVR

The app sends video directly to the cloud, without having to store it locally — the cost of an NVR can be saved if on-site storage is not needed.

Optimised For Real-World Network Conditions

The app automatically adjusts frame rate, bit rate and resolution to ensure recorded events are sent to the cloud, even in poor network conditions.

Secure and Non-Discoverable

All cameras running on the app are non-discoverable and have UPnP and NAT disabled. Video is stored and encrypted in Amazon Web Services. When videos are viewed they are transmitted over an encrypted TLS or HTTPS channel.

Easy Set-Up

No port forwarding or router configuration is needed. Our clever software does all that for you.

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Posted on May 2nd 2018

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