Improving Access Control: ANPR Cameras and Car Park Barriers

Access control is a vital security concern for a variety of commercial, residential, and hospitality sites, particularly those that have multiple groups of people requiring constant access; from visitors, contractors, and delivery drivers to holidaymakers, and staff. Unfortunately, traditional access control methods in the form of road barriers with intercom systems can often be insufficient as misplaced access cards or fobs can be costly to replace and can compromise site security. 

The limitations of traditional access control methods

Intercom systems that link to a keypad for a code or a proximity reader for access fobs or cards are commonly used to control site access. These systems have their limitations, however, as lost or stolen access cards or fobs can be used by unauthorized persons to gain access to the site, and codes need to be changed frequently to maintain security.

The advancements in access control technology

Technological advancements have encouraged a number of secure access control solutions, including biometric scanners that use iris or fingerprint recognition. These measures are often expensive and may not be suitable for all sites, particularly those that encounter high traffic.

ANPR cameras and car park barriers

While automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras have been in use for many years by the police to detect crime on the roads, they can also be used for access control purposes. By positioning an ANPR camera at the entrance to a site, the device can detect approaching vehicles and grant access based on the details held in the database. The database enables site administrators to create categories for people and vehicles, such as staff, visitors, or contractors, and grant access based on their registration numbers. Access can also be granted at certain times or for specific dates, making it ideal for holiday parks or other sites with temporary visitors.

ANPR camera sign

The advantages of ANPR and car park barriers

ANPR cameras and car park barriers offer several advantages over traditional access control methods. As well as being more secure, as only authorized vehicles can gain access to the site or car park system, they are also much more cost-effective compared to the traditional access control options, as there is no need to replace lost or stolen access cards or fobs. They are simple to use, too. The ANPR system automatically grants access based on the details in the database.

How can we help?

ANPR cameras and car park barriers are an effective and affordable solution for improving access control and security at sites with high vehicular traffic. By implementing ANPR technology, site administrators can create a more secure and efficient access control system, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and improving the overall safety of the site. 

If you would like further information on how ANPR access control works, please contact us or see our ANPR Services.

Posted on April 4th 2023

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