Car park payment system

Profit from your Car Park

Finance your parking system - Profit in month one!

With a growing number of cars on our roads and their need to park, organisations are looking for ways to not only control the use of their car park but to generate revenue from the land! It is well known that a good parking system can generate a significant additional revenue stream which is great for cash flow as well as organisational growth.

Getting back control is another big point. Don’t let a car park full of people who shouldn’t be there inconvenience your customers or your staff!

We have developed a system using finance leasing which can deliver an immediate monthly income with your new parking system without a large upfront cost which is profitable from month one!

Contact us to see how we can secure your car park and help you increase your revenue!

What does a parking system mean to you?

Security and Control

It is your land and you should be able to use it as you want to. Today, people often drive in and park up when they have no right to be there. Soon, you could control who uses the space to the full benefit of your organisation.

People who park pay your bills!

From month one, the people who use your space are not only paying your lease payment but are also providing you with additional income meaning you're making a profit right away!

Fixed costs

Your payments are fixed for the duration of the lease but you have the ability at any time to vary the parking charges you levy, giving you the ability to increase your income or respond to environmental changes that may occur.

Get back control!

Your land isn’t free for all to park on when they please! It is there to support your business and for the convenience of your staff and customers. If you want to give certain people the ability to park without charge, you can. if you want to charge others at a reduced rate, you can. If you want to make it free for all or some at certain times, you can. You are now in control!

Posted on November 16th 2018

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