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Why Should You Invest In A Car Park Payment System?

With a growing number of cars on our roads- it’s no wonder businesses are looking for better ways to not only control the flow of traffic in and out of their car park but to ultimately profit from that traffic.

Unfortunately, a car park in Torquay has been under fire in recent news headlines. Failing systems can cause huge problems for the people who pay to use that space and ultimately affect the surrounding community. This coupled with management that doesn’t have the customers best interest at heart means that people are being slapped with huge fines, despite paying the correct amount and returning within their allotted time.

When car parks with these issues are in popular areas, failing systems like the above can prevent holidaymakers from returning- causing a knock-on effect to the local economy. Of course, this should have never happened in the first place- and this is where RJS Systems would step in to stop these issues from causing any more damage.

It’s such a shame to hear of these cases, as they can so easily be avoided! Instead of employing an external management company, the systems that we can offer at RJS are a much better solution for all involved.

With the introduction of high quality, professionally installed car park system with regular maintenance- there is absolutely no room for error.

Full car park

What is a car park payment system?

Car Park Payment Systems allow paying customers to access a building, enabling your business to generate an income from an otherwise free piece of land. Most car park systems are now having to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week- meaning that a high-quality product must be in place if your business expects high traffic.

This can be done in a range of different ways, using car park payment products bespoke to your business needs.

Ease and versatility

Perhaps the first huge advantage of having a decent payment system in place is the ease of use for absolutely everyone- from you as a business owner to your customers and employees who use the parking spaces.

RJS Systems can provide and install a range of high-quality payment systems such as pay on foot, pay and display and barcode terminals.

Management and maintenance

Because car park payment systems are organised in a structured manner, they are very easy to manage as well as control and regulate. The systems that RJS can provide are also extremely user-friendly, meaning that any issues can usually be resolved in house.

If problems do arise (let’s face it, it happens sometimes!) Then RJS Systems are on hand with our team of dedicated and experienced engineers. We are very happy to offer any support via phone, email or when needed- remote viewing.

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Another advantage that you obtain from having an effective car park payment system is the cost. They run on minimal manpower, meaning you save more money. Vehicles are moving at a slower pace, meaning less fuel is wasted and traffic is kept to a minimum. Some car park payment systems enable you to remotely switch off features like exterior lighting, ventilation and other services that require electricity. This further conserves your electricity usage!

Not only are car park payment systems cost-effective, but they are also extremely profitable. With the right system in place, you can profit from month one. If the upfront cost of purchasing is a little daunting, RJS Systems have partnered with a finance provider to provide you with the option of a more affordable car park payment solution.

A note from us

There is no reason why a car park should be underperforming and causing unnecessary stress to customers and business owners. Having a high-quality system in place will enable you to have a steady income- profiting from month one. It also provides total ease for customers and employees alike- as well as minimising traffic, vehicle fumes and a vast range of inconveniences associated with commercial car parks.

RJS Systems have over 35 years of experience working within the security industry. We can cater to a vast range of clients and our wealth of knowledge, coupled with our professional outlook- means that you can have total peace of mind in our abilities to deliver our promises.

If you would like to know more about the car park systems we have on offer, then please do get in touch.

Posted on May 17th 2019

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