ANPR Barrier Systems

ANPR and Barriers

Granting access to certain groups of people is a security concern. Visitors, contractors, delivery drivers, holidaymakers and staff need constant access but you need to retain security.

So what do you do? What do you currently do?

Many sites that experience the above, no doubt have a road barrier in operation.  Probably using an intercom system that also links to a keypad for a code or a proximity reader for access fobs or access cards.  Lost cards and fobs can prove costly to replace. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the fob is being used by the authorised person.  How many times does a code need to be changed to keep the site secure?

Technology is ever-advancing and changing, good or bad ill leave that up to you! However, issues surrounding access control are being dealt with very effectively. Seeing solutions for buildings such as bio-metrics (Iris or fingerprint scanners) really helps to restrict access to those who are authorised. But what about car parks and vehicular access control?

Use ANPR Technology with your Barriers

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras have been around for many many years now.  They are used frequently by the police to detect crime on the roads. This technology can be utilised for access control also.

ANPR cameras can be used for controlling gates and barriers. Positioning an ANPR camera at the entrance to your site, the camera will detect approaching vehicles and can grant access depending on the details held on the database.

The database enables you to have categories for people. For example, staff, you will load their registration numbers into the database.  The ANPR will grant them access. You can also grant certain vehicles access at certain times or for certain dates, making it perfect for holiday parks.

If you would like further information on how ANPR access control works, please contact us or see our ANPR Services.

Posted on January 20th 2018

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